Classic antibody discovery

Animal immunization, classical antibody discovery

rbMemoMAB™ was developed for classical antibody discovery, MEMO has choosen this system because of the superior properties of rabbit antibodies compared to those from mice or rats.

rbMemoMAB™ has repeatedly delivered a comprehensive selection of target specific antibodies; and this from comparably low numbers of B cells including those with compromised viability. rbMemoMAB™ is also suited for antibody discovery following low initial titers.


Suitable Targets

Basically any target of interest is acceptable. The platform is particularly suited for more complex discovery programs:

  • Programs where antigens did not result in satisfactory antibody quality in other species such as mice
  • Immunizations with relatively low titers
  • Immunizations with multiple targets / combination of targets


How to get access to rbMemoMAB™ for your projects

MEMO offers various ways of collaboration for antibody discovery. Contact the company to learn more.