Human antibodies

Human antibody libraries

huMemoMAB™ is the basis for discovery of human antibodies.


Human antibody discovery

MEMO establishes antibody repertoire libraries of clinically characterized donors. By selecting donors who possess a superior antibody response compared to their peers, antibodies can be identified and produced by genetic engineering that exactly reproduce these protective features. This can be expected to result in a much higher chance for success in clinical development.

huMemoMAB™ human repertoire libraries will, among others contain the following donor cohorts:

  • Healthy donors (both genders, various age groups)
  • Patients with diseases where the immune response plays a role
  • Cancer survivors
  • Immune stimulated individuals.

MEMO’ uses huMemoMAB™ based human antibody discovery for its therapeutic lead generation programs, for example in infectious disease.

Application example: huMemoMAB™ human repertoire libraries are available for the discovery of human antibodies starting in Q1/2017 for the discovery of anti-infectious antibodies.

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