Human immune repertoires

Human immune repertoires

huMemoMAB™ is the basis for the analysis of human immune repertoires.


Immune repertoire analysis

huMemoMAB™ is ideally suited to analyze the immune repertoire of either individual patients with a hypothesis of an antibody-dependent immune reaction or of entire patient groups.

Human immune repertoire analysis with huMemoMAB™ enables:

  • Differential analysis of the antibody repertoires of groups of donors with divergent clinical background. This is expected to yield insights into the mechanisms employed by protective (or disease-causing) immune responses.
  • Monitoring of the success of human vaccination (trials).
  • Target discovery: as a result of throughput and sensitivity MemoMAB™ can be exploited for the elucidation of protective mechanisms deployed by the human immune system to counteract otherwise disease causing mechanisms such as in infections and cancer.
  • Preventive search for protective antibody repertoires for emerging infectious diseases (example)

In the future the technology will include repertoire sequencing and T cell repertoires.

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