huMemoMAB™ is designed to tap into the wealth of immune defense mechanisms invented directly by the human body and made available e.g. by selecting donors with favorable or in any way special clinical history.

It allows the isolation of antibodies from human B cells obtained from either blood, bone marrow or organs of human donors. These antibodies maintain the original human immunoglobulin heavy- and light chain pairing (cognate pairing) and thus the specificity and stability of the original B cell they were derived from.

Human-derived antibodies are to be distinguished from the class of so-called fully human antibodies which are generated by various technologies in the laboratory and do not provide any of the benefits that can be attributed to antibodies “selected in the human body”.


huMemoMAB™ at a glance:

Starting cellsHuman Plasma or memory B cells, tumor-infiltrating B cells and organ-specific B cells. (T cells will be available later)
Process outcomeAntibody sequences (full length, chimeric antibodies)
Antibody characterization
Immune response analysis
Process durationLess than 2 months for antibody-producing clonal cell lines.
Special featureshuMemoMAB™ libraries will be banked and made available for discovery