Memo Therapeutics has developed rbMemoMAB™ for rabbit B cells.

rbMemoMAB™ combines a superior process with the outstanding features of rabbit antibodies e.g. affinity, diversity and functionality for the discovery of therapeutic and diagnostic antibody candidates.

rbMemoMAB™ antibodies are recombinant from the start so there is full flexibility with respect to expression and screening modalities, which results in better yields.

It is planned to expand the technology to other animals, commonly used in for antibody discovery.



rbMemoMAB™ at a glance:

Starting cellsB cells from immunized rabbits (lymph nodes, spleen, blood, bone marrow)
Supplementary informationAntigen for screening, screening assays
Process outcomeAntibody sequences (full length, chimera, Fc)
Antibody characterization
Process durationLess than 2 months for antibody producing clonal cell lines
Special featuresrbMemoMAB™ creates a library of the rabbit antibody repertoire which can be banked. This allows expansion of the discovery program without the need for a new immunization.