About Memo Therapeutics

Memo Therapeutics

Memo Therapeutics AG (MEMO) is an innovator in the field of antibody discovery and immune repertoire analysis.

Its MemoMABTM platform creates a recombinant in vitro copy of an individual’s B cell / antibody repertoire, which is then banked as a library. The resulting unique, large and relevant antibody libraries represent the individual’s immune repertoire and are expected to contain an unprecedented number of relevant and rare antibodies. This leads to entirely new possibilities in immune repertoire analysis and antibody discovery.

The business strategy of MEMO is the discovery of therapeutic antibody candidates and target discovery for antibody and vaccine development. MemoMABTM is deployed in proprietary antibody lead discovery programs and is made available in collaborations.


Experienced team

The Memo team assembles extensive life science experience; meet the Management and Board of the Directors.