MemoMAB™ technology platform

MemoMAB™ single cell-based technology platform is the only technology to date that enables banking and expression screening of large authentic antibody repertoires (antibodyomes) of human and animal origin. It uses state of the art high throughput (HT) single cell technology for parallel processing of millions of antibody producing cells. MemoMAB™ opens up completely new opportunities:

Access to the immune repertoire

  • Unmatched access to the immune repertoire (antibodyome) for analysis and target and antibody discovery,
  • Simple and very fast banking of the complete individual’s repertoire for later use

De-risking therapeutic antibody lead selection

  • MemoMABTM brings efficiency to discovery of (human) antibodies
  • MemoMABTM creates a larger selection of antibodies to choose from; more choice means more relevant mAb lead candidates
  • Selection from lead candidates will normally facilitate lead selection and lead quality and therefore help to de-risk the pre-clinical development


The unique properties of MemoMAB™ is based on the combination of repertoire library, all recombinant process, scalability, flexibility and speed.

Repertoire library• Large & relevant libraries (cognate/non-combinatorial)
• Repertoire biobanking as plasmids and cell libraries
All recombinant process• No culturing of B cells required
• Direct ID of mAb (clonal cell line)
• Full IgG expression in mammalian cells
• sIgG / membrane expressed IgG
• Fc either hu/rb/mu
Scalability• Compatible with large donor cohorts
Flexibility• Species independent
• B cell type independent
Speed• B cell to mAb in ≤2months


MemoMAB™ – how it works

MemoMAB™ operates by generating a recombinant copy of the antibody repertoire formed by up to 1 mio of B cells while preserving the cognate heavy and light chain pairing as it occurred in every single B cell. This copy, or repertoire library is then stored (banked) in expression vectors. Analysis of the repertoire, or antibody discovery is then performed upon single-cell based expression of the library as full IgG in mammalian cells. This leads to the discovery of recombinant clonal cell line expressing the antibody of interest.

Thus, MemoMAB™ combines the best of two worlds: the robustness and power of recombinant display technologies and the authentic properties of the antibodies selection by the human body. Compared to current animal discovery platforms, MemoMAB™ provides access to the full repertoire generated against an immunogen of interest resulting in more antibody candidates in a considerably shorter time.

With MemoMAB™ a portfolio of mAb producing cell lines is available in less than 2 months.

The combination of these features in MemoMAB™ enables a paradigm shift in the discovery of novel in vivo selected therapeutic antibodies directly from humans or from animal platforms.

MEMO’s main focus is the analysis and use of the human antibody repertoire (huMemoMAB™). However, the technology offers the same performance advantages in antibody discovery from animal platforms. MEMO has therefore adapted the process for use in antibody discovery in rabbits (rbMemoMAB™).

Learn more about the huMemoMAB™ and rbMemoMAB™ platforms for antibody discovery from humans and rabbits, respectively.